We believe in customer driven excellence and are passionate about delivering best in class services.

The Customer

The customer is the center of all our concerns.  We dedicate all our resources to obtain the total satisfaction of his needs. We establish with him a sustainable partnership in a drive for mutual prosperity.

The Management

Our management and supervision have to be examples of ethical, consistent and open behavior. We strive to create a climate of trust and mutual respect to carry out our mission together as good citizens.

The Environment

We commit ourselves to reduce the environmental impact of our activities. Compliance obligations and environmental performances must be taken into account in our strategic decisions, and we commit to raise the awareness of our staff with the aim of respecting them and improving them.

The Individual

We are committed to create an environment for each employee to express all of his potential. The means to success are participation, training, communication, recognition, delegation of authority and responsibilities.

The Provider

We also develop a partnership with our suppliers. The quality of their services is essential to maintain client satisfaction. We measure the performance of our suppliers based on total contribution to the company.


Our company relies on advanced technology, to provide ceramic solutions for demanding applications, while generating the necessary financial resources for the sustainability of our development and our prosperity.

The pillars of our culture:

To rely on skilled personnel and cutting-edge technologies

To strive for excellence in everything we do

To develop and manufacture customised solutions in combination with related services

To deliver long-lasting without the risk of product contamination


We work with Original Equipment Manufacturers to offer the best filling technology that meets their demands as well as end-users to ensure a good understanding of real market expectations.

This dual approach allows us to anticipate the upcoming demand for new filling technologies and to proactively interact with our customers.  In order to develop innovative solutions with improved performances, we seek the creation of real partnerships instead of standard customer-vendor relationships.

What is Neoceram doing to improve operations?

In all locations, we are engaged in a continuous improvement program that aims to :

  • Produce and deliver only excellent quality products
  • Expand our international market presence
  • Seek long term relationships with all customers and partners
  • Ensure continuous education & improvement of skills
  • Optimise raw material & production costs
  • Implement high efficiency manufacturing equipment
  • Continuously improve health and safety working conditions
  • Reducing our environmental impact.


We place customer satisfaction and environmental protection at the heart of our concerns. To assure our customers that we are always striving for continuous improvement, we are ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

ISO 9001 certification :

ISO 14001 certification :


Neoceram is renowned for the quality of its products but also for its services.