Support our client in finding the ideal solution for their individual application

The specific applications of our customers demand unique and customised solutions. Due to our excellent design and product application departments we are able to offer the optimal solution for your specific requirements.

Working in close cooperation with Original Equipment Manufacturers and end users, Neoceram contributes to the development of the most advanced custom designed ceramic solutions for each customer’s application using the most suitable materials.

The 3 missions of our R&D department are:

The development of reliable ‘plug and play’ solutions: The definition of the design is made in close collaboration with our customers. It can be as simple as the minor customisation of an existing pump, a revamping or a full project starting from a blank sheet. This is why the most important characteristics of our team are innovation, a creative mind and rigor. (Neoceram filed 2 patents in the last 3 years). With daily technical discussions the Neoceram R&D team work with the client to reach the best possible solution.

Manufacturing support: The R&D team actually manages the machining of the prototypes. With the manufacturing team, it defines the best procedures to optimise quality and cost. It defines also the industrialisation steps necessary to obtain the best delivery time and market price.

After sales: Our multilingual after sales team helps our customers deal with trouble shooting, provision of spare parts and repairs. The team aims for a fast and customised answer to any question the customer may have.

Our Research & Development team

To perform every day, our engineering team uses the most up to date engineering systems available in the market (DAO, FAO, PLM, ERP). With these tools, we propose reliable solutions for both our internal and external customers.

To maintain a high quality of design, our engineers and draughtsmen follow a programme of Continuous Professional Development with ongoing training. New rules and regulations are continuously studied (3A, EHEDG) to maintain up to date designs. We also follow the latest progress in machining technology and take this into account to achieve better engineering solutions.

Located in two sites our engineering team is multi-cultural. It creates a competitive advantage by open mindedly sharing knowledge and experiences.

Engineering team (located in Belgium)
Engineering team (located in Italy)


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need some support or specific engineering services.