Injectable Products
Solution for injectable products

How a pharmaceutical company replaced all their existing stainless steel dosing equipment with ceramic pumps from Neoceram.

Corrosive Products
Solution for corrosive products

How a Neoceram customised solution resolved issues with the dosing of highly corrosive diagnostic substances.

Extended Lifespan
Solution for mechanically demanding applications

How Neoceram significantly increased pharmaceutical equipment longevity in a mechanically demanding environment.


Viscous Products
Solution for viscous products

How a customised Neoceram solution solved serious problems with the dosing of viscous products.

Alcohol Based Products
Solution for alcohol based products

How a Neoceram solution provides non-drip dosing for producers of alcohol based perfume.

CIP-able Pumps
Solution for enhanced quality

How Neoceram CIP-able pumps enabled quality improvement for hair products manufacturer.


Abrasive Products
Solution for abrasive products

How Neoceram’s solution reduced maintenance costs to produce a variety of fruit preparations.

Fibrous Products
Solution for fibrous products

How a Neoceram solution made for the efficient cutting of fibrous fruits and vegetables.

Dairy Products
Solution for dairy products

How a Neoceram solution reduced wastage and operational costs for a customer in the dairy industry.


Extended Lifespan
Solution for homogenisation components

How Neoceram ceramic components significantly increase lifespan of homogenisation components.

Spray-Sprying Products
Solution against abrasion and corrosion

How a Neoceram solution solves abrasion and corrosion problems of spray drying components.

Glass Containers Filling
Solution for filling glass containers

How Neoceram’s solution dramatically prolonges the lifespan of container filling support systems.


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