Applications for the cosmetic and personal care product industry

NEOCERAM Cosmetics offers solutions to meet the ever changing demands of the cosmetic and personal care product industry, by designing, developing and manufacturing liquid filling equipment.

Our products are engineered for installation in new filling machines or for retrofit onto existing machines, replacing chromium plated, glass or low purity ceramic pumps.

Demand for Neoceram products grows year by year as customers see the benefit of using high purity ceramics to avoid gasket and o-ring damage, product leakage and product contamination.  Our dosing systems are designed for each specific application, to fill products to a high degree of accuracy.

NEOCERAM Cosmetics has experience of dosing in a wide variety of products, including:

Viscous Gels Mascaras Lipsticks
Shampoos Serums Lotions
Perfumes Creams Toothpaste

Neoceram is the market leader in the development and manufacturing of ceramic precision dosage solutions (pumps, valves and filling systems) for the optimization of fluid treatment in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.


Neoceram is renowned for the quality of its products but also for its services.