PRECYX® Human Machine Interface    

All Precyx dosing units & machines use a common Human Machine Interface platform.
This user-friendly interface is able to control different pump dosing technologies with various quantities and related accessories.


    • Metering pumps either with distributing piston or piston & valve.
    • Pumps driven by stepper or servo motors.
    • Metering piston pump with active or passive valves driven by compressed air, stepper or servo motors.
    • Pumps with a special CSIP position.
    • Peristaltic pumps.
    • Levelling system eg buffer tank, IV bag etc.
    • Recirculation loop
    • Additional up/down movement for the needle

The main features of the system allow it to achieve the best dosing in perfect conditions :

    • Can be used from a stand alone R&D unit or scaled up all the way to full integration on a filling line.
    • Management of access levels for different operations.
    • Dose control and calibration by simple dose weight input
    • Possibility to fine tune the dosage thanks to unlimited access to parameters in adjuster level.
    • Different additional modes come with the software : Priming, anti-blocking, rinsing, CSIP position.
    • Can manage optional load sensors to prevent pump jamming with some specific conditions and productions.
    • CFR 21 part 11 compliance on request.
    • In addition to CFR 21 part 11 compliance possibility to generate batch reports.
    • All parameters are in International Engineering Units : it is possible to extrapolate the parameters to be set on another production line.
    • The system can be linked to a network to save the Data Base on a separate server.
    • Able to drive our self actuated pumps.


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